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Shotover F1

Shotpver F1 PNG.png
SHOTOVER F1 Features:

  • The most widely used high performance gimbal

  • Quickly and easily interchange multiple cameras and lenses

  • Compact size and weight allows affordable transport as freight or broken down for excess baggage

  • No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements

  • Compatible with most FAA and EASA approved aircraft mounts

  • Various top plate options are available to easily allow mounting on various platforms- land, sea and air

  • Easily integrated onto a wide variety of mounting platforms

  • 6-axis gyro stabilized with look down capability

  • Windowless operation option for brilliant imagery without reflections

  • Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery

  • State of the art electronics and design techniques deliver unshakable stability and ultimate functionality

  • Customizable graphics overlay for real time operator feedback

  • Auto or Steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market

  • Inverted operation using auto-position detectors

  • Remote controlled polarized filter rotation, rain deflector and other accessories available

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