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We are one of the only full service aerial filming companies to offer both drone and helicopter filming services. This gives us the unique ability to give the customer an unbiased view on which is the best equipment for the job, and appraise them of the pros and cons of each. We are proud to offer some of the best drone equipment available - from a small Mavic Mini on a reccé, through Inspire 2 X7 right the way up to 25Kg, 42Kg and even our 80kg Ultra Heavy-lift drones capable of carrying the Alexa 65  (and the IMAX® version!)  or even film cameras. We also have drone arrays available.

Our drone crews are some of the most experienced in the world, with our drones having clocked up 000's of hours of flight time. Some of our UAV Pilots are also CAA Approved NQE Instructor/Examiners. 

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