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World Class Crew

Equipment is only part of the equation when it comes to aerial filming. Our company has 30 years of experience, and amongst our team - even more!


We are proud to have worked on a wide range of projects and productions -  from low budget TV commercials to some of the biggest ever blockbusters.


Our camera crews, pilots, stunt pilots and ground support crew can provide the skills needed for your project or production, based on unrivalled aerial filming experience and knowledge.

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Creative Talent, Ground and Operations Ready


Our expert team is also on hand to advise and support you on your project or production.


Based in London, our highly accomplished crew works hard across the globe, flying and filming from helicopters or drones.  Our pilots and technicians are continually supported throughout all projects by our 24/7 operations and bookings team.


We feel privileged to have assisted and coordinated some of the most memorable cinematic aerial stunts and action scenes.

Jeremy Braben

Assoc. BSC, GBCT 

CEO / Aerial Cinematographer

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Jeremy Braben, Assoc BSC, GBCT, has been a camera operator and director of photography for over 34 years. In 1980, he started in news & current affairs before moving into Documentary, Music Videos and Drama, he went on to specialise in aerial cinematography in 1993 - the year that he married his love of aviation with cinematography to launch Helicopter Film Services.


Jeremy has worked with the likes of James Cameron  (Titanic), Paul Greengras  (Bourne) , Stephen Spielberg  (Ready Player One) , Guy Ritchie  (The Gentleman, The Man from U.N.C.L.E)  and Ridley Scott  (Gladiator). Braben is Chief Executive of the HFS Group of companies.


Jim Swanson

Aerial DOP/Operator

Jim has been involved in aerial filming since 1989 and operating since 2001. He is experienced with all the known systems, both as technician and operator. He also works as camera operator on the tracking vehicles - if it moves, he can film from it.

Becky Lee

Aerial Camera Operator / Technician

Becky Lee Headshot HFS.jpg

Becky Lee is a highly experienced Camera Assistant of 8 years; working mainly on features, commercials, music promos and live events.


Trained through HFS as an Aerial Head Technician for the past 5 years, she is the first certified female Shotover F1 technician.

Oliver Ward

Senior Engineer

Oliver Ward is HFS' Senior Engineer and has worked with us since 2001, during which time he has been responsible for Research & Development. Oliver is responsible for looking after, and upgrading all our systems, both on the bench, and on location.

Oliver was pivotal in helping design our unique Tyhpon 6 camera array system for the Shotover K1. Combining six ARRI Alexa Mini cameras mounted together to give an extremely large field of view for VFX.

His involvement in helping our team film our demonstration shoot, involving 6 different systems at the same time, is testament to his deep knowledge and can-do attitude.

Christina Steils

Operations Coordinator 

Headshot Christina.jpg

Christina obtained a degree in medieval literature and film studies from Cologne University before  working as a clapper loader in the film and commercials industry.

After seven years on numerous productions mainly in her native Germany, Christina decided to move to the UK and initially found work in an independent bookshop in South London.

She joined Helicopter Services in 2011, where she could finally bring together her knack for academic order, her organisation skills and her knowledge of the film world.

She is fluent in English and German and has some basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

Grahame Hobbs

Operations Manager


Grahame has spent the majority of his career working in the helicopter charter market. Since joining us at HFS, he has looked after the helicopter side of things as our operations manager, and can always be relied on to get the job done.


When he’s not working with motors up in the sky, you’ll find him riding his motorcycle up and down the length and breadth of the country with his wife. 

Camera crew Clipart.png
Camera crew Clipart.png

Janette Green

Non-Executive Director 

Janette Green Headshot.jpeg

As a strategically focused and pragmatic brand & communications leader, Janette brings leadership, inspiration, motivation and challenge. Based on a solid foundation of competence in all areas of the marketing mix, Janette has more than 30 years’ experience, twelve years at Executive Board and three years at Shareholder Board level.

Janette’s energetic and perceptive approach to business and brand development is now channelled towards her passion for the luxury industry and she has clients in the watch, film and luxury accessory sectors. 

Debbie Batchelor



Debbie joined HFS in 2015 and has been with us ever since.

She trained with The Association of Accounting Technicians in 2013 studying computerised accounting using Sage 50. As a Freelance Bookkeeper she has worked for a variety of tenants at Pinewood Studios including those involved in special effects, post production, medical, environmental services and film investment.

Prior to this she worked at GlaxoSmithKline for 19 years, which included 6 years as a PA to the European Quality Director followed by promotion to Quality Coordinator and involved working with Quality Management Systems for European Consumer Healthcare.

In her spare time Debbie works as an Emergency First Responder for the London Ambulance Service attending calls as first on scene.

Steve Peters

Drone Pilot


Steve is a drone pilot and operator who works both at home and internationally on commercials, features, promos and Live Sports. 

Bringing a 20 year background in broadcast television he is at ease in challenging environments.  Getting involved in commercial drone flying at an early point in 2013 has given Steve vast experience of flying all over the world from The Arctic and Antarctica to the Caribbean and South East Asia.  

As a Drone Pilot, his credits include the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, 'Hope Gap' and ‘Aeronauts ,’ as well as many other UK Dramas and commercials. 

Steve flies the Freefly Systems Alta X, Alta 8 and Dji Inspire 2.


Chris Holland

Filming Pilot

Chris has been working as a helicopter pilot for over 30 years, starting out offshore before moving to police then onshore charter and air ambulance and has more than 9000 hours.

Chris' main passion, however, is for aerial filming and he has been involved in film and TV productions for 20 years. Over that time, he has covered news, sport , wildlife, VFX and action sequences for big and small screen. Chris has been working with HFS for eight years.

Henry Bridges

Drone Pilot

Information on Henry coming soon


Sam Thurston

Aerial Camera Technician

Camera crew Clipart.png



Starting as an assistant and working his way up to operating, Sam has developed a huge passion for aerial filming.

Sam has been with HFS for six years, and his wealth of knowledge on drones and helicopters has proved to be invaluable in our use of equipment in different environments - from dry deserts to the Arctic Circle. 

Hannah Kapff

PR & Communications 

Information on Henry coming soon


Information on Henry coming soon

hk hfs.jpeg

Hannah heads up the HFS Group Communications team. She was a broadcast journalist at the BBC and CNBC Europe, helping to produce award-winning news, documentaries and current affairs programmes for 10 years.

She took her media skills into PR in 2006, having gained a knack for making technical concepts simple, and finding where the story lies within any organisation.

A real doer and collaborator, Hannah retains a fascination for processes behind good production, as well as the finished product of course!

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