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Aerial Filming Equipment

Take your production to the highest level with our state-of-the-art aerial filming equipment and expert crews. Our cutting edge, superlative quality kit will deliver the versatility and power you need to achieve the right shots and aerial sequences for your production or aerial filming project.


We offer a flexible choice of camera payloads including Sony RED and ARRI, with lens options from the likes of Angenieux, Zeiss, Canon and Fujinon. We work directly with equipment manufacturers on the research and development of new systems to ensure the very best, cutting-edge results.

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When should a drone be used, and when use a helicopter?

This is a question the HFS team is often asked. In short, there is no hard and fast rule - they are both capable aerial tools, so we’re always happy to discuss it by phone or email. The best equipment for the job varies with each project. Once supplied with a brief, the HFS crew will provide expert advice on the best tools to achieve the sequences required for each project, which will depend on several factors. These include the visual style required, the timeframes involved, the other kit required, the personnel or crew involved, the location, the weather conditions, and others. We will always advise on the best, most cost effective approach having asked several questions beforehand, and/or consulted with other experts as required, such as those involved with the location in question. 

Are drones cheaper than helicopters for aerial cinematography?

Aerial Cinematographer, Jeremy Braben Associate BSC, our CEO, shares his thoughts on this quandary: “Quite often, there is the belief that drones are cheaper, and of course on paper they are - especially the small drone systems. However, small drones have restrictions and constraints (as do helicopters). The bigger drones capable of flying the bigger ARRI Alexa and RED cameras are a deal more expensive than the smaller drones. But, once you factor in parameters such as winds, environment, distance and speed, a helicopter starts to close the gap in terms of financial and production value: it can cover off more shots over a larger distance - at greater speeds than a drone and  in conditions that would potentially ground a drone. So for closer, shorter distance work, the drone works better, and is significantly cheaper. However, if a helicopter can do it in a few hours, and the drone take a few days, you can see where the economies start to change.”

Drones and Helicopters

Not only do we have a variety of helicopters available for use on productions and commercial project; we also offer a wide range of drones, from heavy lift drones to 3 camera drone arrays, FPV and DJI Inspire 3 8K. Although all our equipment is state-of-the-art, it is only as good as the crew operating it - and our teams of camera operators, technicians and pilots are some of the most admired and best in the business.

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