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Additional Services

Aerial Coordination

We are proud to have a team of experienced Aerial Coordinators who can consult and run your project from script to screen. Aerial coordinators are especially vital when there are extensive stunt sequences or scenes involving picture aircraft.

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Fire & Refuel

HFS have various fire rescue and refuel options available. The basic unit is a Sprinter van which has fire extinguishers and basic rescue equipment. This unit can also travel with 800 litres of JET A1 (AvTur) jet fuel and qualified crew making this an essential piece of ground support equipment allowing for on site refuels without positioning the aircraft.

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Prop Aircraft

prop aircraft_edited.jpg

We can provide practically any helicopter body for studio and gimbal work. 

Charter - Crew & VIP

We are one of the leading providers of business helicopter hire and private helicopters in the UK. From our main operating base and HQ at Denham Aerodrome, we can quickly serve charters from Central London and the Home Counties to anywhere in the UK and near Continent.


We deliver a friendly, discrete and efficient service, to make helicopter charter seamless and stress-free. Our pilots are attuned to the needs of clients and their guests, providing a highly customer focused service.


Did you know?

We can fly our drones underground! It’s not easy, but we’ve done it. When working with Robbie Williams on the music video for ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’, we flew our Aerigon heavy lift drone inside a sound stage at Shepperton Studios to capture a 360 degree dolly around the boxing ring.

Read more about projects we’ve worked on here.

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