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Freefly Alta X

FreeFly Alta X Drone PNG.png
Freefly Alta X Features:

  • 35lb Max payload

  • Quick release mounting system on top or bottom of aircraft

  • Adjustable Vibration Isolation included

  • Long Range Data link

  • Extensive accessory ecosystem

  • 33 Inch blades with ActiveBlade technology (1/5th the normal level of vibration)

  • Flies on just 2 batteries

  • 50 Minute flight time with no payload, 22 minute flight with 20lb payload

  • Folds to half its size with one finger folding

  • Most Efficient Workflow - We spend years figuring out how to make our drones more fun to use than any other drone

  • Expandable - ALTA X features power and data expansion ports to help you integrate just about anything

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