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DJI Mavic

DJI Maverick Drone PNG.png
DJI Mavic Features:

  • DJI’s smallest flying camera - Sub 250g

  • Intelligent Flight Modes and Obstacle Avoidance

  • Captures 4K videos and 12 megapixel photos,

  • Capable of both ActiveTrackTM and TapFlyTM 

  • Maximum flight speed of 40 mph (65 kph) and a maximum flight time of 27 minutes

  • Fight controller updated to provide a safer, more reliable flight experience

  • Aircraft able to automatically return to its home point when transmission signal is lost or battery level is low

  • Able to sense and avoid obstacles on its route, which brings safety enhancements

  • DJI’s latest long-range transmission technology OCUSYNCTM built in, offering a maximum transmission range of 4.3 mi (7 km)

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