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Jurassic World Dominion

What was the Brief?

Our aerial teams were required to shoot aerial array plates in Switzerland along with air-to-air single camera sequences. In the UK, we shot air-to-air and air-to-ground night sequences with a picture helicopter (a helicopter being in vision). Giles Dumper was our film pilot, with Aerial DoP Jeremy Braben flying the Airbus H125 in Switzerland, and the Airbus AS355 in the UK.


We used our specialist 6 camera aerial array, the Typhon, mounted on the SHOTOVER K1 gimbal rigged with 6 Red Helium and 21mm Zeiss CP.3 XD lenses in order to give a massive field of vision - ideal for use in VFX driven productions. We then swapped from the Typhon 6 camera array to our custom 6-camera 360 array also mounted on the SHOTOVER K1 stabilised gimbal, using the same cameras and lenses.


We integrated the use of a focus and iris control via remote control on each lens. There were 6 iris motors and 6 focus motors (one for each body). This enabled us to calibrate each lens individually to counter any mechanical difference in the scales of the focus and iris. We used a single, hand-control unit in the helicopter cabin to control all 12 motors. (This solution was an 'Aerial filming first’ when we used it on Black Widow.)




  • Typhon 6-Camera Array with 6x RED Helium cameras and 6x Zeiss CP.3 lenses

  • Shotover K1 with the 360 degree camera array using 6x RED Helium cameras and 6x Zeiss CP.3 lenses 

  • Air-to-air with a target helicopter – replaced by VFX element



We supplied a Bell 206 ‘Jet Ranger’ through Shoot Aviation which was painted specifically with temporary paint and logos for the scene. The Jet Ranger was also temporarily fitted with our Trakkabeam 800 22,500 Lumens LED aviation searchlight for a night ‘hunt for dinosaurs’! We filmed the sequence from an Airbus AS355 Twin Squirrel mounted with the Shotover F1 gimbal equipped with the RED Helium camera and a Fujinon 25-300 zoom, lens liaising with the crew on the ground with radios and video downlink.

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Jurassic World Dominion 2
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