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Flir Irenco LEO-400

Flir Irenco LEO-400 Features: 

  • Forward Looking Infra-Red Camera model LEO-400

  • Incorporates the Sony DXC930 broadcast colour TV Camera with a 32x zoom lens and AGEMA Thermovision® 1000 FLIR camera

  • 2 Axis EO/IR gimbal 

  • Uses include surveillance, law enforcement, Search & Rescue, survey, power line inspection, border patrol

  • Complete kit with UBM-1 nose bracket and a side bracket for Airbus/Eurocopter AS350/AS355 helicopters

  • UBM has CAA Form 1. Legacy approval for side bracket

  • Irenco Stabilized Camera Platform

  • Irenco Anti-Vibration Interface

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