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The Midnight Sky | 2020


Jeremy Braben - Aerial DP

James ‘Jim' Swanson - Camera Operator

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Lee - Aerial Technician

Giles Dumper - Filming Pilot

Grahame Hobbs - Ground to Air Coordinator



Alan Perrin - Chief Drone Pilot

Danny Taylor - FPV Drone Pilot



Shotover F1

Alexa Mini LF camera body

Fujinon Premista 28-100mm large format zoom lens

AS355N Twin Squirrel helicopter

EC135 helicopter



FPV (First Person View) drone

GoPro Hero 8 camera body


Whilst working on the island of La Palma the aerial unit was also tasked with taking the production crew for an island wide aerial recce, as well as ferrying the crew from the bottom of the mountain to the top on the shooting days.


DoP: Martin Ruhe

Director: George Clooney

VFX Sup: Matt Kasmir


Location: La Palma, Canary Islands. 

Aircraft used: 2 helicopters -  Airbus AS355 Twin Squirrel for filming - and Airbus EC135 for cast and crew transport to the various difficult locations. HFS brought the helicopters down to the Canary Islands via Morocco, along with ground support and mobile refuelling 


Equipment used: Shotover F1 stabilised system with ARRI Alexa LF and Fujinon Premista zoom.


What was filmed: Mostly VFX plates on La Palma and the observatory. 



Jim Swanson: Aerial Operator  

Jeremy Braben: Aerial DoP

Becky Lee: Aerial Technician 

Giles Dumper: Helicopter Film Pilot  

Derek Desmond: Aerial Coordinator

Grahame Hobbs: Ground Aerial Coord



Location: La Palma, forest - monkey chase sequence 

Equipment: flying with our custom built FPV (First Person View) drones for an animal POV for VFX

Drone Pilot: Alan Perrin

Drone Camera Tech: Sam Thurston

Visual Effects Plates

Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky
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