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Mövi XL

MōVI Xl Gimbal.png
Mövi XL Features:


  • MoVI Pro's larger, more powerful brother

  • The gimbal of choice for our Ultra Heavy and Titan drones, can be used on cars and cranes

  • 22kg max payload and complete control over RED cameras as well as high performance GPS and compatibility with the Freefly API.

  • Motor drives placed right alongside their respective motors 

  • Motors created with large hollow shafts, allowing the user to run any necessary wiring through the body of the gimbal 

  • Quick-release mechanism to attach the gimbal to a vehicle/crane and numerous larger pop and lock points, allowing users to mount accessories easily

  • Custom direct drive brushless motors and high-resolution encoders

  • A gimbal of this size obviously need to be a sturdy bit of gear and indeed it is, it’s Vibration isolation system and high-performance GPS to monitor horizon stability

  • Runs on a dual battery set-up (10AH, 6S 25.2V) which allows for completely wireless operation as a totally self-contained unit

  • Carbon fibre-based construction

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